New Commercial Variable Speed Scrolls For Commercial Cooling And Heating Applications Launched at Mostra Convegno
New Commercial Variable Speed Scrolls For Commercial Cooling And Heating Applications Launched at Mostra Convegno
MILAN (ITALY), March 15, 2016 – Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) presents at Mostra Convegno a full range of Copeland Scroll™ variable speed compressors with Emerson qualified drive technology building the base for efficient, fully integrated Emerson solutions for commercial comfort applications.
Cooling and heating applications require stable temperatures to guarantee the best humidity control and comfort in all commercial areas. In addition precise cooling or accurate temperature control have become even more important in applications such as process cooling or data centers. Variable speed technology allows system manufacturers to match the load needed for accurate temperature control and best comfort as well as for reducing energy consumption. Reasons are the technology´s wide turndown ratio 7:1 and its full modulation capabilities that efficiently respond to load changes and decrease power consumption when the load is reduced. Meeting all these challenges is essential for ensuring data safety and availability.
Staying abreast of these challenges Emerson Climate Technologies has increased its focus on and investment in further development of its variable speed technology and a smart refrigerant circuit management. A new generation of variable speed compressors equipped with brushless permanent magnet motors will be launched at Mostra Convegno designed for reversible chillers, process cooling, rooftop air handling units and data centers. The new ZPV variable speed compressor line-up covers six models with a capacity range from 2 to 58 kW. The capability of tandem or trio configuration with fixed speed compressors will even increase the capacity range from 58 to 125 kW, allowing for maximum flexibility in system design and for system optimization by using the most efficient speed adapted to energy consumption.
Being close-coupled with Emerson qualified and according to EN60335 certified inverter drives, the variable speed compressors deliver a widened modulated speed variation from 15 to 120 Hz. Furthermore they are equipped with VVR (variable volume ratio) technology allowing for an enhanced part load efficiency. The low superheat capability as well as featuring a high volumetric efficiency valve - boosting both cooling and heating efficiency- provide in addition for a high seasonal efficiency. This solution offering will be completed by integrating Emerson expansion valves and sensors for a smart and optimized refrigerant circuit management.
An Emerson integrated solution which allows not only for Ecodesign Directive compliance but for saving development time and therewith improving time-to-market speed while ensuring safety and reliability. Ideal - especially for system manufacturers of process cooling and data center applications.

Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor With Emerson Drive Technology
Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor With Emerson Drive Technology
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