New Dixell Controllers for Advanced Compressor Racks
New Dixell Controllers for Advanced Compressor Racks
  •  Electronic controllers for compact modulating compressor racks
  •  Advanced energy saving algorithms inside
  •  XC645D model dedicated to Copeland Digital™ Compressor management

BELLUNO, ITALY, June 27, 2013 – The XC600D series, made by Dixell S.r.l., a part of the Emerson Climate Technologies Group, is the new series designed for up to 6 compressor/fan output applications also with inverter management. The series is characterized by a flexible and complete range that guarantees a complete compatibility with compact modulating compressor racks, even with suction/condensing inverters, or with 2 suctions and 1 condensing (even with inverter) and with Copeland DigitalTM compressors. In particular, the XC645D model is dedicated to Tandem units with Digital compressor for suction and fans modulation for condensing.

The controllers are provided with 6 buttons and double display with icons, allowing an easy and immediate understanding of the machine’s status: suction and condensation pressure/temperature, loads and alarms status, maintenance. Regulation is based on the pressure or temperature detected on the suction circuit for the compressor and on the condensing circuit for the fans. Costs reduction and energy saving are guaranteed by the floating set points, which ensure an excellent machinery’s efficiency. The condensing set point is automatically adapted to the external temperature, with the aim of keeping the optimal condensing temperature. Furthermore, the night management of the fans is highly appreciated: by reducing the fans’ speed, it substantially reduces the machine’s noise, allowing its installation even in highly inhabited zones.

The XC600D controllers can be easily programmed via “Hot Key” and are provided with serial RS485 output, which allows the controllers connection to monitoring and super visioning systems like Dixell XWEB systems based on Web technology. 


The new XC600D controllers (available in 4 DIN Rail format) and the Remote Keyboard are the solution designed to be mounted respectively on the electrical cabinet and on the door of the rack

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