EazyCool Condensing Units Now Even More Energy Efficient
EazyCool Condensing Units Now Even More Energy Efficient

AACHEN, GERMANY, October 14, 2010— Emerson Climate Technologies is adding two new models for low-temperature applications to its Copeland EazyCool™ series. The Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressors allow for continuous capacity modulation. For the first time ever, this series features enhanced vapour injection technology, which further improves energy efficiency in commercial refrigeration applications.

How efficiently can a refrigeration system run? This question is now in the mind of the commercial refrigeration industry like never before. In areas where 24-hour refrigeration is required, there is also often great potential for savings. With its EazyCool™ condensing units, Emerson Climate Technologies provides an answer to this question. These units were specially designed for use in standard and low-temperature commercial refrigeration applications.

In the two new models, OLQ-18DV and OLTQ-36DV, the company has integrated two technologies designed to boost energy efficiency in one single device. This is made possible thanks to the Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor with enhanced vapor injection technology, which is in use for the first time ever in EazyCool™. Due to the use of on-demand vapour injection, the compressors can be used in a wider range of applications. This allows for evaporating temperatures of up to
-40°C. Another beneficial effect of enhanced vapor injection is the increase of the system COP.

Furthermore, Digital Scroll™ technology makes it possible to modulate the refrigeration capacity from 100% down to 10% (5% with tandem compressors), based on the current actual demand. This is most noticeable in the evening and at night, when demand for refrigeration capacity is much lower in many commercial refrigeration systems. Continuous capacity modulation is possible thanks to the integrated Emerson EC2 controller. In addition, system data can be accessed online at any time via the built-in TCP/IP interface, thus making monitoring extremely convenient.

The capacity range of the two condensing units in low-temperature refrigeration applications lies between 0.6 kW and 12 kW. The R-404A refrigerant is used in all systems. Groceries, restaurants, and caterers typically use the full range of Copeland EazyCool™ models in refrigeration and low-temperature applications.

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