Copeland ZH Scroll Compressors Developed for the Refrigerant R-410A
Copeland ZH Scroll Compressors Developed for the Refrigerant R410A

AACHEN, GERMANY, October 14, 2010— Emerson Climate Technologies presents a new complete family of compressors for heat pumps at the Chillventa 2010. Fourteen different models will be available on the market in the near future. Equipment manufacturers in particular will benefit from the R410A refrigerant that is used.

Up to now, the R407C refrigerant has been predominantly used in heat pump technology. Years ago, Emerson Climate Technologies was the first scroll compressor manufacturer worldwide that put to market a scroll compressor optimized for heat pumps. In the meantime the so-called ZH compressor is available in a standard version and in a version that features Enhanced Vapor Injection. With millions of Copeland ScrollsTM in use today, Scroll technology has proven its superiority many times over.

So Why Choose the R410A?

Nowadays, the R410A refrigerant is considered as a very interesting alternative to the R407C. The refrigerant, which has been used in air conditioning for years, offers the advantage of a higher volumetric capacity when compared to R407C. Put simply, this means that for the same size, a heat pump can deliver a higher heating capacity – or, it can be designed smaller in size while delivering the same heating capacity. Another advantage is that there is no temperature glide during the phase change. When one considers the complete heat pump system, it is clear that the heat pump COP can be improved through the use of R410A.

Unique Portfolio of Compressors

Back in 2008, after comparing all of the arguments, analyzing the results from research and the industry challenges, Emerson Climate Technologies decided to invest in a new family of compressors for heat pumps. This resulted in the development of fourteen models for the R410A refrigerant, which are presented to the market for the first time at the Chillventa 2010. The heating power of the ZH04K1P – the smallest member of the family – is 4 kW. It is the standard version, of which there will be an additional 6 types up to the ZH19K1P (heating power: 18.5 kW). At the same time, the portfolio includes an additional 7 models featuring Enhanced Vapor Injection. Starting with the ZHI05K1P up to the ZHI23K1P, heating capacities range from 5 to 22.8 kW. By injecting the refrigerant vapor, these models enjoy the additional benefits of wider temperature envelopes and increased compressor COP’s. Single- and three-phase models are available. The condensation temperature reaches 68°C.
Heat pump manufacturers can chose the compressor that best suits their objectives from the 44 ZH Copeland Scroll™ models designed for R-410A & R-407C – as well as for R-134a, if there is any interest. This means that Emerson Climate Technologies can certainly offer a unique range of compressors for heat pump manufacturers.

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