CoreSense Technology

CoreSense Technology

CoreSense™ Technology

Emerson’s CoreSense technology unlocks advanced diagnostics, protection and communication in Copeland™ compressors. With in-depth system information, technicians can make faster, more accurate decisions resulting in improved compressor performance and reliability. This means contractors, homeowners, and businesses alike save valuable time and money.

CoreSense™ Diagnostics for fixed speed Copeland Scroll compressors

By using the compressor as a sensor, CoreSense Diagnostics gives technicians insight into the system through the compressor, providing valuable information to help diagnose problems quickly and accurately reducing costly callbacks.

CoreSense™ Diagnostics for Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressors

Greater reliability and homeowner satisfaction. Fewer callbacks and expensive repairs.
CoreSense Diagnostics for 2-stage Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressors is a breakthrough innovation to assist contractors in troubleshooting residential air conditioning system problems.

Comfort Alert

Comfort Alert diagnostics is a breakthrough innovation to help contractors troubleshoot heat pump and air-conditioning system failures.  This diagnostic module monitors and analyzes data from the Copeland Scroll compressor so you’re able to more accurately and quickly pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

Copeland PerformanceAlert™

Copeland PerformanceAlert refrigeration diagnostics monitor compressor operation and provide advanced protection and diagnostics, making it easier to accurately diagnose and prevent refrigeration system failures.

Copeland Scroll™ Digital Compressor Controller

The Copeland Scroll Digital compressor controller is the electronics interface between the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor or the Copeland Discus™ Digital compressor and the system controller.  This controller not only modulates digital compressors, but it also detects common system problems and flashes an “Alert” LED to direct repair technicians to the root cause. 

KMC FlexStat Controller

Emerson Climate Technologies has approved the use of the KMC FlexStat controller with Copeland Scroll Digital compressors.  The FlexStat controller, compatible with 3-15 ton Copeland Scroll Digital compressors, is a networkable thermostat and controller that enables variable capacity modulation, dehumidification, and improved system performance.


The SecureStart module uses state of the art technology to provide a safe and consistent start-up for the compressor.  By limiting the starting current by up to 75 percent, the SecureStart module delivers a new level of protection and start-up consistency, providing reliable system performance and longevity, while reducing nuisances caused by current variations.™​​