Scroll Compressor Parts: Copeland Scroll Digital™ Upgrade Kit

Scroll Compressor Parts: Copeland Scroll Digital™ Upgrade Kit

Deliver improved capacity modulation, temperature and humidity control

The new Copeland Scroll Digital™ upgrade kit provides a complete and convenient solution for in-field compressor replacements. Designed to help contractors take advantage of the precise capacity, temperature and humidity control offered by the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor. The kit includes all the components necessary to successfully retrofit an HVAC system in the field.

The upgrade kit features the new Emerson Commercial Comfort Controller and the necessary valve, coil, thermistor and tubing needed for a complete compressor replacement. The Emerson Commercial Comfort Controller is a wall-mounted, BACnet programmable thermostat that enables variable capacity, dehumidification, improved system performance and reduced operating costs without the expense of a large building automation system.

This kit is best applied to job sites with frequent problems or nuisance issues in which retrofitting a Copeland Scroll Digital compressor is the ideal solution. Copeland Scroll Digital compressors offer modulation from 10-100%, allowing your customers’ cooling systems to automatically adjust capacity as needed while reducing energy consumption. This scroll technology is up to 30% more efficient than traditional methods of system modulation.

The Copeland Scroll Digital upgrade kit is compatible with 3-15 ton compressors (or multiples up to 30 ton) and for applications including roof top or split commercial and residential unitary applications, heat pumps, chiller or commercial refrigeration applications.

With Copeland Scroll Digital compressor technology you can offer your customers:

  • Improved full-load and part-load efficiencies
  • The ability to hold a precise temperature/humidity to ±0.5 °F
  • Lower operating costs due to more efficient modulation methods
  • Proven oil return enhancing system reliability
  • Peace of mind with a simple, reliable design


  • 3-15 ton Copeland Scroll Digital compressors
  • Single or multi-stage direct expansion
  • Rooftop or split; residential or commercial
  • AC heat pumps or chiller


  • Networkable thermostat and controller
  • External valve with 24V coil
  • Discharge line thermistor
  • Copper tubing


  • All the components required for a Copeland Scroll Digital compressor upgrade
  • Enables precise temperature and humidity control
  • Improved cost and efficiency as compared to hot gas bypass systems

Copeland Scroll Digital™ Upgrade Kit