Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Consumer Need for Energy Savings

Emerson Climate Technologies’ market research suggests that over half of U.S. homeowners would consider paying more for a system that provides superior energy savings. However, homeowners in the United States are being very careful about making investments in home energy savings. According to a recent survey, they are demanding significant energy cost savings to justify any investments of time and money required to install highly efficient HVAC systems, and they have grown more skeptical about promises of a quick payback. Last fall, Harris Interactive conducted a phone survey of 1,007 adults for Emerson Climate Technologies. The results revealed that only 12 percent of adults surveyed were willing to invest more than $2,000 in an energy-efficient home upgrade that would pay for itself in two years. This attitude leads to challenges for HVAC contractors to upsell systems based on efficiency. The Emerson survey also showed that while consumers are aware of the energy demands of their HVAC systems, they are making smaller energy efficiency investments, unaware of valuable tax incentives.

Regional Standards

  • Residential
    • Federal Residential Standards have increased the minimum SEER rating
    • AHRI is working to get consensus agreement into future energy legislation
    • Energy Efficiency Act (2007) allows DOE to set regional HVAC standards
      • Direct Final Ruling published in June 27, 2011
      • Established 3 Climate Efficiency Zones

  • Commercial
    • ASHRAE 90.1 is the standard commercial contractors must follow in order to meet the minimum requirements for energy efficiency.
    • Regulations for Commercial Buildings

Energy Savings