Valves, Controls & System Protectors Cross Reference

Valves, Controls & System Protectors Cross Reference

Emerson Climate Technologies makes it easy to find the right part for your system. The competitive cross reference tool on the right is a user friendly tool that will cross a competitor’s number over to the right Emerson valve, control or system protector without worrying about having the right spaces, dashes or hyphens.

How it works:

Just click on the pull-down menu for the Manufacturer first, and then the Product Type and then select the actual competitor’s Model Number and the replacement Emerson valve, control or system protector will appear.

Note: After the Product Type is selected there may be a slight delay as the search engine reloads the pertinent cross reference file. Then continue on by selecting the Model Number you want to replace.

If the Cross Reference search does not offer the competitor’s product model number that you have. please contact the Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls’ Application Engineering Department at (866) 625-8416 and they will assist you in crossing your competitor’s part number over to an Emerson.

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