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Convenience Store Energy Savings Calculator

Emerson's convenience store solutions reduce energy consumption by increasing efficiency and optimizing store operations. Our solutions have helped convenience store operators of every size and energy profile lower their energy bill and drive efficiency throughout their enterprise. The default numbers below represent industry averages and basic Emerson savings.

Enter your own energy and asset information below to calculate how Emerson's convenience store solutions can impact your business.

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Lighting savings are realized by controlling exterior and interior lights so that they are run according to pre-established corporate standards. By controlling lighting fixtures for occupancy, ambient lighting conditions and operating hours, Emerson can significantly lower lighting energy consumption without affecting the customer experience.

Refrigeration savings are realized by employing industry-leading control algorithms developed by specialists with years of experience in the refrigeration industry to more accurately maintain case temperature and operating efficiency. The energy savings presented above are supplemented by increased asset life and less food-loss.

HVAC savings are realized by accurately controlling store temperature for occupancy, ambient temperature and operating hours. By making minimal changes to the store environment when it is unoccupied, Emerson can significantly lower HVAC energy consumption without affecting the customer experience.

These savings represent only the energy efficiency savings from installing Emerson controllers and optimizing equipment runtime. They do not include the maintenance and time savings benefits that convenience store operators realize by upgrading to web-enabled Emerson solutions.

For more information on the many ways that Emerson can lower convenience store energy and maintenance expenses, click here.