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Model # EE542-1Z

The Smart Energy Thermostat* is much more than just a thermostat. It wirelessly pairs with your smart meter to give you unprecedented insight into your whole home electricity usage - enabling you to make better decisions about how and when you use electricity to help you reduce your utility bill.

With the press of the ENERGY key, the product converts from one of the easiest to use thermostats on the market into a richly featured whole home energy monitor. If your smart meter wirelessly provides the current price of electricity, the Smart Energy Thermostat will allow you to see that as well as the current cost per hour to power your home. It will also allow you to set a monthly budget and track your daily electricity spend against the budget to ensure you don’t go over.

Because the product is not just an energy monitor, but also a thermostat, it will also allow you to see how much money is spent on electricity to cool and heat your home. If you are enrolled in a rate plan where the price of electricity changes throughout the day, the Smart Energy Thermostat can even be configured to automatically change the temperature in your home based on the current price of electricity – saving you even more money.

* Compatible with any ZigBee Smart Energy 1.x certified smart meter. If you are unsure of your smart meter’s capabilities please check with your local utility.



  • Universal HVAC system compatibility (up to 4 stages of heat / 2 stages of cool)
  • 7 day programming flexibility
  • Easy to use menu-based interface
  • Large backlit dot-matrix display (5 sq.”) for optimal readability
  • One touch AWAY key instantly engages away mode to help save money
  • Energy monitor allows you to set a monthly budget for whole home electricity use and then track daily usage costs against it to help reduce your utility bill*
  • Current price of electricity presented on the home screen and tri-color LED let you know when the price of electricity is higher than normal*
  • Price Protection™ can be configured to automatically adjust the temperature in your home when the price of electricity is high*
  • Month to date heating and cooling cost estimates*
  • Message Inbox enables you to receive important information from your utility (i.e. notification of potential disruption to power supply)
  • Over-the-air firmware upgradability
  • Requires C-wire for power (no batteries required)
  • +/- 1º temperature control accuracy ensures consistent comfort
  • Patented sensor-less dual fuel capability
* Feature requires utility to push price data through the smart meter (via ZigBee SE Price Cluster)
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