Electronic Control

Electronic Control 


Emerson valve controllers are optimized for the requirements of refrigeration and air conditioning. They perform all control tasks which have been performed by conventional valves such as superheat control or capacity control.

The EXD-U00 universal driver enables the operation of the EX4-EX8 stepper motor driven valves used in applications such as solenoid valves, electronic expansion valves, hot gas bypass or evaporator pressure regulator as capacity control, crankcase pressure regulator, heat reclaim regulator, and liquid level control.

The EC3 stand-alone superheat controllers maintain stable superheat control with stepper motor driven electronic control valves and are used for air conditioning, refrigeration, and industrial applications. With the EC3-X32, parameters can be downloaded through the ECD-002 display unit or through TCP/IP compatible interface. The EC3-X33 requires the use of the ECD-002 display unit for setting up the controller.

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