Discus™ with CoreSense™ Diagnostics

Discus™ with CoreSense™ Diagnostics

The Copeland Discus™ compressor with CoreSense™ Diagnostics is a key component of the Intelligent Store architecture. This dynamic new compressor offers onboard diagnostics that provide realtime intelligence that tells you and your technicians exactly what you need to know, even before you need to know it. So minor concerns can be addressed long before they become major problems.


  • Integrates system electronics by replacing Sentronic™ oil monitor, Demand Cooling™ temperature control, high-pressure and low-pressure controls, motor protector and I/O boards
  • Enables remote diagnostics
  • Reduces the number of brazed joints that can leak
  • Monitors discharge temperatures
  • Provides single-phase and welded contactor protection

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