Copeland PerformanceAlert™

Copeland PerformanceAlert™ 

Copeland PerformanceAlert™ refrigeration diagnostics monitor compressor operation and provide advanced protection and diagnostics, making it easier to accurately diagnose and prevent refrigeration system failures. It also maintains a history of faults that have occurred in the system.  Designed for use in new and existing refrigeration systems with Copeland™ brand compressors, it can also communicate the fault conditions with other devices internal or external to the refrigeration system. This innovative product combines diagnostics, control, and communication benefits with unique features that protect Copeland compressors and the system from failures.


Overview Presentation
Contains details of Copeland PerformanceAlert, including bulletins, instructions, collateral, FAQs and other information.

Quantifiable Business Result
Drive-through operator increases life of refrigeration


Copeland PerformanceAlert Video


For Help With The Copeland PerformanceAlert


Installation Instructions:
Instructional video showing how to install Copeland PerformanceAlert (9:30).

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Marketing Bulletin
Communication to Emerson Climate Technologies OEMs and End-Users, providing overview of protection, diagnostics and codes.





Press Release

Announcement of the launch of Copeland PerformanceAlert to the refrigeration industry.




Overview of Copeland PerformanceAlert product, features, advantages, benefits, along with fault codes.




"It Knows" Ad
Highlights the trouble-shooting capabilities of the Copeland PerformanceAlert and how it can make diagnosing problems easier by working for the contractor.





Find answers to some of commonly asked questions with regard to Copeland PerformanceAlert diagnostics module.