Perfect control of reefer containers and cargo. Always!

REFCON 6 is the next-generation control system that remotely monitors the conditions of reefer containers – during transportation onboard the containership and during storage at the container terminal.

REFCON 6 represents groundbreaking news for the industry: it’s more intelligent, more reliable and more innovative than any reefer monitoring system you’ve ever seen. Developed on the latest Microsoft .NET platform and showcasing an array of smart features, REFCON 6 truly meets the needs of container transportation today and in the future.

REFCON 6 automatically monitors an entire vessel or container terminal. Two-way communication between an operator and every single reefer container can take place 24/7, and all data are logged for event history and documentation purposes. REFCON 6 makes sure that the cargo is never left unattended. It’s control made simple and easy.

REFCON reefer monitoring system 

Why just inspect when you can be in control?

Take control with REFCON 6 Reefer Management System
Manual inspection of reefer and cargo conditions is a time-consuming and risky job. And sometimes people make errors.

Why not take control instead and let REFCON 6 do the job for you? It can keep an eye on thousands of reefer containers at the same time. And it will let you know immediately, if there is anything wrong, or if the cargo is at risk. Real-time status information and specific alarms allow you to address problems timely and correctly. With the touch of a button, you get all the documentation you need.

Standard or customized solution
REFCON 6 can be configured to match your exact needs for special information, alarms, event logs and much more. The customization possibilities of the basic software package are many. But if basic just isn’t enough, our add-on modules and advanced applications are available.

Control the entire fleet and chain with Global Monitoring Server
Data from local REFCON 6 systems are consolidated and stored by the Global Monitoring Server. Centralization of data on a secure web server makes it possible for shipping lines and container terminals to establish automated remote management of all reefer containers, covering their entire journey from producer to final destination.

REFCON, global monitoring, fleet control 

Please find all relevant information below.

ManualsREFCON 6 Users Guide                                     9.6 K
REFCON 6 Quick Introduction (Terminals)          1.8 K
REFCON 6 Quick Introduction (Vessels)              1.8 K
SoftwareREFCON 6.5.0 to 6.8.1                          43.3 K
REFCON 6.5.1 to 6.8.1                          43.2 K
REFCON 6.6.0 to 6.8.1                          43 K
REFCON 6.6.1 to 6.8.1                          18.8 K
REFCON 6.7.0 to 6.8.1                          17.4 K
REFCON 6.7.1 to 6.8.1                          17.3 K
REFCON 6.7.2 to 6.8.1                          113.8 K
Release NotesREFCON 6 Release Notes                                  149 K
System DocISO10368 Declaration of Conformity                266 K
Implementation of manual GMS Interface         201 K
Implementation of auto GMS Interface             196 K
Declaration of Conformity Aspestos                   44 K
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