Global Monitoring

Global Monitoring Server

Turning raw data into logistical decisions

The Global Monitoring Server enables shipping lines to establish automated, centralized remote monitoring of all reefer containers, covering their entire journey from producer to final destination. The secure web server, accessed with a password, provides historical data of container conditions, enabling value adding analysis and integration of container and system data – whenever and wherever desired.

 The Global Monitoring Server allows you to track all your reefer containers and gensets online via a password-protected, web-based user interface.

The system collects, consolidates and stores data directly from reefer containers equipped with RMM+ modem or from local reefer monitoring systems like REFCON 6. Data are transferred to server via Internet connections, satellites and UMTS/GPRS services.

Among others, you can share online container and cargo condition data such as real-time temperature, location and alarm notifications with your partners in the cold supply chain as well as with your customers.


Depending on your business need we are offering a number of modules on the server.

GMS offers, global monitoring server 

How does it work

The customer will get access to a web-based interface for the Global Monitoring Server (GMS), which collects and stores data directly from reefer containers equipped with RMM+ or from a local reefer monitoring system like REFCON. These effective monitoring solutions for shipping terminals, warehouses, ships, trains, and trucks record data from reefer refrigeration equipment and sensors, and send it to the Global Monitoring Server via Internet connections, satellites, and GRPS services.

Reefer Web Service

Further we offer a Reefer Data Web Service, for data integration between Emerson Global Monitoring Server and customer's own applications. The Web Service will enable a customer to access and integrate all reefer container condition data with customer´s own applications such as ERP/logistics systems enriching the combined dataset to enable fact based decisions. The web server is a SOAP based web-service with username and password protected data transferred using HTTPS.

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