Medical and scientific operations depend to a great extent on temperature-controlled solutions. In these environments, critical equipment may experience upwards of 6,000–8,000 hours of operation per year. End users need the assurance of uptime that only an inherently reliable refrigeration system can deliver.

Whether it is blood or tissue requiring perfect preservation, a life's worth of research samples, or critical tests for agency approval of the next big product, the stakes are too high to tolerate anything less than total reliability. As part of our commitment to solutions, Emerson continues to deliver the highest reliability on our refrigeration components to ensure that products keep running.


Designed to meet the reliability demands of the medical community, Emerson Climate Technologies offers a wide range of Copeland™ compressors for high, medium, low and ultra-low temperature applications for use in a variety of medical and environmental test chambers.

Valves, Controls & System Protectors

Emerson offers a variety of valves optimized for R-410A and other HFC refrigerant applications. Our ZZ thermal expansion valves are designed for ultra-low temperature applications such as environmental test chambers.

Emerson electronic control solutions allow for improved energy efficiency, tighter temperature control, remote monitoring, and diagnostics.

Emerson's high efficiency oil separators are ideal for ultra-low temperature systems where the presence of oil in the evaporator is unacceptable.

System Protectors

Compressors for Medical Refrigerators