Future-Proof CO2 Refrigeration Solutions

Future-Proof CO2 Refrigeration Solutions

The commercial refrigeration industry is in the midst of transitioning from HFC-based refrigerants to natural alternatives. The reasons are three-fold: 1) to eliminate the negative environmental impacts from potential direct HFC emissions; 2) to comply with ever tightening environmental regulations; and 3) to implement future-proof refrigeration systems that exceed regulatory, efficiency and environmental objectives.

Supermarkets, in particular, have led the way through the wider adoption of carbon dioxide-based (CO2) refrigeration systems. As a natural refrigerant, CO2 (or R744) has many advantageous properties, including: nonflammable, low toxicity, neutral ozone layer depletion and negligible global warming potential. Its excellent thermal properties make it an especially viable option to reduce HFC usage. However, CO2 is not without its challenges. It can operate at very high pressures (above 1,500 psi), and is susceptible to decreasing efficiency in high ambient temperatures.

At Emerson Climate Technologies, we offer a full suite of refrigeration system components necessary for the successful implementation of R744, including: system controls, compressors, flow components and system protectors. And, we’re pioneering ways to adapt CO2 refrigeration systems to high ambient environments. Click the links below to see how our products are applied in various CO2 systems:

Transcritical CO2 Booster System Transcritical CO2 Booster
Subcritical CO2 Cascade System Hybrid HFC/CO2 (Subcritical CO2 Cascade)
Secondary CO2 System Secondary CO2 (Pumped CO2)

Commercial CO2 Refrigeration Systems

Commercial CO2 Refrigeration Systems
Guide to Subcritical and Transcritical CO2 Applications
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