CO2 Solutions

CO2 Solutions

Environmental concerns regarding the potential direct emissions from HFC-based refrigerants have led the trend to use natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration with supermarkets leading the way. The nonflammable refrigerant carbon dioxide (CO2) has low toxicity, neutral ozone layer depletion and minimal global warming potential. CO2 is given the designation R-744, and its excellent thermal properties make an attractive option to reduce HFC usage. However, CO2 as a direct refrigerant also has its challenges as it can operate with very high pressures (above 1500 psi) and poor efficiency at high ambient temperatures.

At Emerson Climate Technologies, we offer a variety of system components when implementing R-744  (CO2) in refrigeration systems including system controls, compressors, flow components and system protectors. Please click the links below to see how our products are applied in the various CO2 systems:

Commercial CO2 Refrigeration Systems

​Commercial CO2 Refrigeration Systems
Guide to Subcritical and Transcritical CO2 Applications



Transcritical Co2 Booster System