CO2 Solutions

CO2 Solutions

Environmental concerns regarding the potential direct emissions from HFC-based refrigeration systems lead the trend to use more efficient refrigerants. The nonflammable refrigerant carbon dioxide (CO2) has low toxicity, neutral ozone layer depletion and minimal global warming potential. CO2 is given the designation R-744, and its excellent thermal properties enable the ability to reduce HFC usage. The refrigerant’s non-ozone depleting, non-flammable and low global warming potential properties create an ideal solution towards reducing environmental hazards.

Our CO2 Solution
At Emerson Climate Technologies, we offer our own environmentally friendly solution to implementing R-744 (CO2) refrigerant in our refrigeration systems. The efficiency, reliability and liquid handling advantages of Copeland Scroll® technology in the ZO range of Copeland Scroll™ compressors make them ideal for exploiting the characteristics of CO2 refrigeration systems. Our primary types of CO2 systems are:

ZO Compressor