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ProAct™ Monitoring Services 

You and your team work hard to keep customer satisfaction high and operating costs low. How would you like a team of global experts protecting your hard gains and identifying new improvement opportunities – even while you get some well-deserved rest? That’s the core of the ProAct™ service promise. We’re working around the clock, across your business, to expand the success you’ve earned.

Emerson's ProAct Service Center remotely processes, triages and resolves alarms around the clock. Real-time performance assessment provides timely information on energy expenditure, maintenance costs, refrigerant leaks and shrink causes. Systematic measurement of these cost drivers provides a powerful basis for everyday decision making by allowing retailers to quickly identify opportunities for operational improvement. Click on a service icon below to learn more.

Check out our ProAct videos – either a quick summary video or more detailed video on what ProAct can do for your business.

Care for fresh foods,
consumers and your brand


Maintain conditions, assets
and facilities


Sustain refrigerant and
energy management


Optimize facilities
and operation


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