Emerson AC Drives


AC Drives also known as Inverters, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), and Frequency Converters) are used to control AC Induction motors.

If an AC motor is connected directly to the mains supply, it will accelerate quickly and then rotate at a fixed speed which is dependent upon the electrical supply frequency and the motor design. An AC drive allows the speed of the motor to be varied. By varying the motor speed of fans, pumps and compressors using an AC Drive substantial energy savings can be made.

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Affinity Expanded Range
1.5 hp – 600 hp
5.2A - 690A
208V-230V / 460V / 575V / 690V
High Performance AC Drive

The Affinity Building Automation drive is built for HVACR applications with the flexibility and performance to work flawlessly with all major building management systems. Combining forty years of drive and controls experience with the direct input of building operators, consultants and contractors are the cornerstones of this advanced, easy-to-operate HVACR AC drive.

For more information on Affinity AC drives, see the Control Techniques HVAC website.