Industry Stewardship


Today’s HVACR industry challenges require the best of technological resources and the brightest of engineering minds. Emerson Climate Technologies is accepting the challenge to bring new ideas and new technology to address the industry’s toughest issues—today and in the future.






Addressing Today’s Industry Issues



Understanding Compressor Electronics

White Papers

Status of Energy Regulations for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


Driving the Refrigerant Discussion

Papers presented the 2012 Purdue Conferences

The ACHR News, “Stand-Alone R-32 Catches Interest at Purdue Conferences,” Sept. 2012


Solving our Customers’ Challenges

Case Studies

Landfill Operator Generates Revenue from Recovered Methane Gas

Contractors Gain Accuracy, Save Time with Electronic Unit Controller

Supermarket Decreases Product Loss, Reduces Carbon Footprint and Extends Equipment Life



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