HVAC Design Software and System Design Simulator

HVAC Design Software and System Design Simulator

Shorten design lead times and reduce iterative testing using a
system design simulator made specifically for HVAC/R engineers hvac design software

Emerson Climate Technologies’ Award winning System Design Simulator (SDS) Software is a powerful software application that provides the predictive intelligence needed to optimize designs before committing expensive resources to them. It’s component selection and simulation programs enable users to detect potential problems and take corrective action early in the design process. It’s rapid “what if” design analysis function allows users to evaluate many design configurations quickly and select the one that’s best for each application. And, its superior optimization capabilities allow users to refine designs to get more equipment performance for the investment. System Design Simulator reduces design variability, component proliferation, and engineering design time, all while moving equipment designs closer to optimal performance.

Key Features

  • Based on Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s modeling software program - highly accurate
  • Hardware-based model with rapid processing speed – simulations complete in seconds
  • Simple, Internet download of upgrades and component information (including over 10,000 Copeland® brand compressors)
  • User-friendly Windows-based interface with graphical output screens – all key information on one screen
  • Extensive refrigerant modeling choices, including: R-12, R-22, R-502, R-134a, R-404A, R-507, R-410A, and R-407C
  • Calculates SEER and HSPF
  • Parametric performance mapping of selected design variables (suction superheat, subcooling, air flow rate, refrigerant charge, etc.)
  • User-specified pressure drop for system accessories (e.g.reversing valve, sight glass, etc.)
  • Refrigerant charge inventory option allowing the user to either specify or determine the required charge
  • Integrates several complementary tools (re-rate compressor performance at user specified conditions, psychrometric chart/calculator, refrigerant properties lookup, Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. Application Engineering bulletins, etc.) into one easy-to-use program
  • Air and water source heat pump modeling
  • Database of Turbo-Tec’s coaxial heat exchangers for water source heat pump modeling
  • Stand alone micro-channel condenser and evaporator models


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