LogMan II

LogMan II

Easy-to-use cross-brand device for container configuration and download of datalogs

  • Fast and simple download/retrieval of refrigerated container data for verification and documentation of the correct handling of the cargo
  • One single software tool for all major brands of container refrigeration units
    Able to withstand the challenging environment of container terminals and shipboard transport, regardless of conditions
  • Used in reefer containers for manual or automatic download/retrieval of datalogger information
  • For download/retrieval and transferring of logs to laptop/desktop computers for subsequent analysis and/or storage using the LogView software
  • Set-up of container data such as container ID, date and time, trip start date, etc.
  • Calibration of cargo probes
  • Update of controller firmware in reefer containers
  • For SG+ genset controller it is possible to view genset fuel level, set tank size and low-fuel levels
  • Also available as LogMan PC version for use on standard Windows PC. (limited controller support)

The LogMan II is the latest reefer log retrieval tool from Emerson Climate Technologies. The LogMan II is based on an updated platform, the Workabout Pro S Second Generation Hand-Held Computer.

This updated platform offers several benefits for the daily user due to the improved user interface and additional support for the Thermo King SG+ genset controller.

LogMan II plays an important function in day-to-day container handling. Besides the specific download functionality, LogMan II is supplied with a number of additional facilities that assist in the routine handling of refrigerated containers, such ascontainer set-up and probe calibration facilities.

The downloaded/retrieved container data can be transferred to any specified PC for further analysis, using LogView.

Supported Controllers


Reefer Controllers
Thermo King MP-4000
Thermo King MP-3000a, MP-3000
Thermo King MPC2000ID, MPC2000
Thermo King µP-A+ and µP-D
Carrier ML3, ML2i, ML2
Mitsubishi MMCC IIIA
Genset Controllers
Thermo King SG+


Please find all relevant support information below


Download the manual for Logman.

Software Release Notes 6.4 K
LogMan II User Manual 327 K



Download the software for Logman.

Handheld Commander version 2.0.90b *    
LogMan II PC SW version 2.7.0 (PC version)     

 *In order to use the Handheld Software Commander you need a license number. This can be acquired by contacting Service&Support here.


External links for Logman.

Microsoft Active Sync download (interface sw to Logview)

Mymobiler (Software to real-time display LogMan user interface on PC)

Logman, handheld device

Product Leaflet
Download the PDF product leaflet


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