Programming Guide (5+2)

Programming Guide (5+2)

Programming 90 Series 5 + 2/5 + 1 + 1 Day Thermostat (1F90-371)

Setting the clock and the day of the week:
1. Press Program .
2. Press Set .
3. Press Time  or  to the correct hour of the day.
4. Press Set  again.
5. Press Time  or  to the correct minute of the hour.
6. Press Set  one time.
7. Press Time  or  to the correct day of the week.
8. Press Program . The time and day are now correct and the thermostat is running it's program. For manual operation without programming see the manual operation section. For programming see below.

Manual operation (not using the program):
1. Press Program .
2. Press  to Heat, or Cool (avoid Auto mode), whichever you prefer.
3. Press .
4. Press the Red  or Blue  arrow key to set the temperature. The thermostat will hold whatever temperature it is set for.
5. Anytime you wish to change the temperature use the Red  or Blue  arrow key and the thermostat will maintain the new setting.

Programming the thermostat:
Fill out the schedules below. If you are using a five day, two day format you may skip the last two columns on the right. Fill in all the spaces for your program style.

You can repeat the same temperature more than once if you do not want the temperature to change over several time periods.


The programming of your thermostat is very easy following these steps. For more information see your programming and installation guide.
1. Follow the instructions above for setting the clock and the day of the week if it has not been set or is incorrect.
2. Press Program .
3. Press  to select heat or cool, whichever you prefer to program at this time.
4. Press Program  one time. This displays MOR and the settings for time and temperature. The display will also read 5-DAY.
5. Press Time  or Time  until the time on your display reads the same as you have selected in your Heating or Cooling Schedule. Be sure to check the AM or PM on the screen, it must also match your schedule. Proceed to next step.
6. Press the Red  or Blue  keys to adjust the temperature to match your schedule.
7. Return to Step 4 and repeat through Step 6 until you have worked through the entire Five-Day, Two Day or Five-Day One-Day, One-Day Schedule. When you are satisfied your program matches your schedule you can press Program . Programming is now complete for this mode (Heating or Cooling, whichever you chose in step 3) and your thermostat is running your program.
8. If you wish you may return to step 3 to program the other (Heat or Cool) mode. When complete, press Program .
9. Press  to Heat, Cool, or Auto and then press Program .
Congratulations, Your thermostat is now programmed and running the program you installed. To override the program temporarily press the Red  or Blue  arrow keys. To operate the thermostat manually see above.