Programming Guide for 1F94_1F97

Programming Guide for 1F94/1F97

1. SET THE CLOCK Current time in minutes, hour, and day. Press Set Clock once for minutes, again for hour, and day. Use Time Fwd or Time Back to change each setting.
2. PICK HEAT OR COOL Which would you like to program first? Heat or Cool? Press System Switch to Heat or Cool.
3. SELECT FOUR TEMPERATURES What temperatures will you be using in your program? You are allowed up to four in heating and four in cooling.
   Heat Cool    Heat Cool
A ___  ___ B ___  ___
C ___  ___ D ___  ___
Press View Temp. Display shows: A Temp. Use up or down arrows to set your temperature. Continue View Temp to enter your temperatures B, C and D. Once they are entered you will be able to select any one of the four for any time period.
4. SPREAD TEMPERATURES TO THE PROGRAM TIMES What times for each day do you want your temperatures to happen?
Factory program example:
  Mon 1 5AM 70
  Mon 2 9AM 70
  Mon 3 4PM 70
  Mon 4 10PM 64
Press View Pgm. Display shows: Mon 1 Time Temp. Use Time Fwd or Time Back to change time. Use Temp Up or Temp Down* to change temperature. Continue View Pgm through Mon 4. Use Adv Day to advance through each day through Sunday.
*Note: The temperature will only go between the numbers you selected under View Temp above.
5. RUN PROGRAM You are finished programming heat or cool, whichever you selected in Step 2. Press Run Prgm. Program is running. Start over to program the other season.