DIY Thermostats


The Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat is the smart, affordable solution to control your home comfort. The free mobile app provides intuitive remote control that lets you set, change and schedule your heating and cooling. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our programmable thermostats offer multiple scheduling options to provide the flexibility that's right for you. Just set prefered temperatures, days and times to avoid heating or cooling an empty home and save up to 33% on energy costs.
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Our non-programmable DIY thermostats include easy-to-use digital and mechanical models to provide manual control of your heating and cooling equipment. Because non-programmable thermostats do not allow you to schedule set temperatures, they are best for people who are often home and prefer a fixed temperature. 
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Line voltage thermostats are available in both programmable and non-programmable models. These thermostats are intended for very specific heating and cooling equipment and are most commonly used for electric space heaters such as a baseboard heater or a direct-wired electric furnace. 

DIY Thermostat Accessories
Whether you want to keep the kids from changing the thermostat or you just want to avoid patching your drywall during installation, our DIY thermostat accessories provide simple and easy solutions.
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