If your customers speak Spanish, shouldn't their thermostat speak Spanish too?

Did you know that Hispanics are the fastest growing homeowner segment in the United States? In the coming years, Hispanics will make up to 40% of all first time home-buyers, but there are still relatively few products customized to Spanish speaking homeowners. Emerson is pleased to introduce the first Spanish language thermostat, the Blue Selecto, designed to help Spanish-speaking customers have more control over their comfort, and their electric bills. Spanish-speaking homeowners have typically found English language thermostats to be a source of frustration and anxiety, and that's where Blue Selecto comes in.

Savings. Did you know that the average homeowner can save up to $250-$300 in the first year alone of having a programmable thermostat? That means that the programmable Blue Selecto will pay for itself within the first year, factoring in the cost of the thermostat and installation. And by the second year of operation, it will be making money for your customers (through energy savings). Want to see how much your customers can save in their area? Click here

Easy to Use. Blue Selecto is easy to use, easy to program, and it comes with a large 4 square inch display that has bold, easy to read characters for easy navigation, and an enhanced user experience. And why blue? Because research shows that the color blue makes us feel calmer, more productive, and more relaxed. And Blue Selecto comes with a 5 year warranty and a Spanish speaking homeowner help line (877-978-7828).

Market Yourself. Emerson wants to help you reach Spanish speaking homeowners in your area to let them know about your services and about the new Blue Selecto Spanish language thermostat from Emerson. Want to get your name out there? In just five minutes, you can set up your own email and direct mail campaign from the Blue Selecto Website. To learn more, just click here

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