Comfort Alert™ diagnostics give homeowners peace-of-mind because they know that their system is being monitored. This innovative diagnostic module monitors and analyzes data from the Copeland Scroll™ compressor so you’re able to more accurately and quickly pinpoint the root cause of the problem. By combining the Copeland Scroll compressor with Comfort Alert diagnostics you can strengthen your reputation for reliability.

Comfort Alert diagnostics is self-contained with no required external sensors, and is designed to install directly into the electrical box of any residential condensing unit that has a Copeland Scroll compressor inside. Once attached, the Comfort Alert module provides around-the-clock monitoring for common electrical problems, compressor defects and broad system faults. If a glitch is detected, an LED indicator flashes the proper alert code to help you quickly pinpoint the problem.

 A recent case study highlighted the ability of comfort alert diagnostics to decrease the length of service calls by up to 20 minutes, allowing for increased time and savings for both contractors and homeowners.


Comfort Alert diagnostics offers:

  • Improved diagnostic accuracy up to 60%
  • High/low system charge indication
  • Reduced callbacks
  • Faster service
  • Customer peace-of-mind
  • Easy installation

The UltraTech™ Communicating System

Comfort Alert diagnostics is a part of the Comfort Encoded™ Solutions which is an integrated network of industry-leading technologies capable of sharing information system-wide that improves the overall performance and reliability of HVAC systems.  By sharing information system-wide, UltraTech configures and checks system settings, with no additional wires to the thermostat needed, giving contractors the power to deliver better home comfort and energy savings with systems that can be installed and serviced with confidence.