Comfort Alert for Commercial Applications

Comfort Alert™ for Commercial Air Conditioning Applications

The award winning, proven technology of Comfort Alert™ diagnostics that saves diagnosis time in residential systems is now available for three-phase commercial air conditioning applications. The first technology of its kind, Comfort Alert uses the compressor as a sensor to monitor and analyze system performance, guiding technicians to fast and accurate diagnoses. In residential applications, Comfort Alert has been proven to improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce healthy compressor replacement by more than 50%. Similarly, the commercial Comfort Alert increases accuracy, and it features Active Protection, which protects the compressor from potentially harmful system conditions such as phase dropouts, mis-wiring and short-cycling.

How Comfort Alert Diagnostics Works

Comfort Alert installs easily in the electrical box of a commercial condensing unit or inside a rooftop unit. It is completely self-contained, with no external sensors required. Once installed, Comfort Alert monitors vital data from the Copeland Scroll™ compressor, quickly pinpointing the root causes of common malfunctions - everything from common electrical problems to broad system faults. A flashing LED indicator quickly communicates the alert code and directs the service technician to the problem.

Commercial Comfort Alert Diagnostic Codes

Comfort Alert for Commercial Applications