Industrial Compressor Controls

Vilter Industrial Compressor Controls

​Vilter™ industrial compressor controls offer a wide range of options to suit any situation.  From screw or reciprocating compressor micro-controllers to sophisticated motor starter solutions, Vilter is able to provide a product to meet the needs of any industrial compressor project.
Vission 20/20

Vilter Vission 20/20 controller

The Vission 20/20, Vilter's premier controller for screw compressors, offers reliable operation with enhanced communication features.  Web accessibility provides full control and monitoring from a remote PC as though you were standing in front of the compressor.  Configurable and expandable with multiple compressor sequencing the Vission 20/20 is still easy to use.


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Vilter Viltech Controller
Vilter’s Viltech controller is the industry standard for reciprocating compressor operation.  Easy navigation and remote communication capabilities along with a reliable design, the Viltech micro-controller provides full compressor protection.


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Vilter Vission Controller

Vilter’s earlier micro-controllers, the Vission and Vantage, can still be found in the field today.

The Vission controller provided unmatched reliability and multiple menus to allow the user to modify operation of the compressor.  The Vantage micro-controller offered a smaller profile Vilter Vantage Controllerbut the same robust features as the larger Vission.
While production of these controllers has stopped, Vilter recognizes the need for continued support for both of these products.


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Operating Manual​ Operating Manual

Vilter PLC

Vilter uses Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) on compressors (single and twin screw, reciprocating and scroll), heat pumps, central controls, air units and vapor recovery units (VRU).  The PLC controllers are widely used in the industry and are programmed using commonly recognized PLC programming languages.  The use of PLCs allows for quick on-site programming changes if ever needed.



​VSG/VSSG Compact Logix PLC manual ​Single Screw Compressor PLC
Blower Package PLC ​Twin Screw Compressor PLC
PLC demo program
Motor Starter

Vilter Motor Starter

Vilter engineered motor starters are the definition of electrical safety in the workplace.  Intelligent, flexible and robust, our motor starters are built with the end user in mind.  We understand the importance of everyday employee safety and the many expenses associated with electrical injuries and damaged equipment.


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Keypad Controller

Keypad Controller

Vilter's standard control panel from the 1990's, for use with all compressors and as a stand alone controller for air units and condensers, the keypad microprocessor is officially obsolete.  Replacement parts are also no longer available for these panels.  Updating the keypad controllers is easy to achieve with a retrofit kit for the Vission 20/20.


VMC keypad microprocessor operating manual​
VRS keypad microprocessor operating manual
VSS & VSM keypad microprocessor operating manual