Walk-In Controller (WIC)

Walk-In Controller (WIC)

State-of-the-art controller that consolidates various components into a single device for lower first cost and reduced maintenance and total ownership cost of walk-in freezers and coolers.

  • Saves energy by employing temperature –controlled defrost and lighting the reach-in only during specified time
  • Insures food quality through superior temperature and defrost control
  • Maximizes uptime and extends device lifespan by having a built-in compressor protection
  • Reduces labor cost and time by streamlining installation, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Remote display and error codes help make troubleshooting quick and easy 
  • Can be linked to the E2 Facility Management System


  • Replacement controller: 818-2050
  • Replacement relay board: 618-1120
  • Replacement defrost sensor: 501-1125
  • Replacement discharge sensor: 501-1121

Learn more about the Control Link WIC.



Temperature Control Precise and highly reliable sensor directly cycles
compressor to insure highest food quality
Defrost Control Ends defrost based upon temperature, not time,
and protects food quality. Optional real-time
clock allows scheduling during off-peak times.
Enables enterprise-wide system management,
remote access, and device alarming
Advanced Diagnostics Early warning of maintenance issues; allows
you to plan maintenance around your schedule.
Lighting Control Enhances energy savings by lighting the
reach-in only during specified hours
Remote Display Enables alarms and information to be shown
in a convenient location
Alarm Codes
on Housing
Allows quick and easy troubleshooting
Built-in Compressor
Advanced algorithms prevent short cycling
and excessive compressor cycling

Extreme Reliability
Uptime is critical, not only for ensuring food safety, but also for maintaining your reputation. Emerson knows this and uses algorithms that prevent compressor short cycling. These algorithms ensure that compressors run for the appropriate amount of time required to circulate oil in the system, extending compressor life dramatically. This reduces walk-in down time, safeguards food quality, and protects your reputation.

Alarm management is integral to any food safety initiative, as well as shrink reduction. Control Link WIC makes accessing alarm data and system information easier than ever. Alarms and system data may be viewed on either the controller’s display, remote display module, or remotely through a networked facility management system. Alarms and maintenance indicators may also be sent to a remote monitoring service or a contractor for diagnosis and maintenance. Early notification of alarms can prevent untimely equipment failure, and reduce repair costs.

Temperature Monitoring
Control Link eliminates less reliable methods of manually monitoring and recording temperatures — and the human errors that inevitably occur. Each controller, when networked, automatically logs temperature data at an established rate. As food service operators are aware, temperature logging is a critical piece of any HAACP compliance program. Retailers also use Control Link to notify operators should temperatures be either above or below alarm levels, or if any potential maintenance conditions exist, such as an extended defrost or compressor failure.

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