Industrial Refrigeration System for Food and Beverage

Industrial Refrigeration System for Food and Beverage

Meat & Poultry:
Meat and poultry production continues to increase to meet worldwide demand, and technology has created a wider range of usage for meat and the ability to transport meat products around the world. Refrigeration and temperature control are vital aspects throughout this entire process, which requires extremely hygienic conditions and compliance with strict government regulations and standards. VilterTM is a leading supplier of refrigeration equipment that provides meat processors with reliable performance for processing, storing and delivering quality meat products to the buying public.

The dairy industry is one of the more intricate and diverse, and it requires refrigeration and temperature controls that are reliable throughout all its aspects. Refrigeration is needed in the production and storage of a wide range of products from milk, cheese, yogurt and butter. And, refrigeration is a vital aspect in new product development. In addition, proper refrigeration is needed to meet hygienic and government standards, the delivery of an attractive dairy product to consumers, and energy consumption demands of the refrigeration plant. Based in America's Dairyland, Vilter has always been in the middle of providing reliable and efficient refrigeration solutions to the diary industry.

The catch of the day would be spoiled were it not for the cooling and refrigeration benefits of Vilter compressors. Major fishing ports throughout the world rely on consistent refrigeration as they ship product around-the-world.

If there's one particular industry that's linked to refrigeration, it's the beverage industry. The cooling process and refrigeration are keys to proper fermentation and germination, to product consistency throughout the production process, and to the delivery of a wide range of beverages to the consumer. Vilter has a long history in providing refrigeration solutions to the beverage industry and as a result, this experience helps to create predictable and efficient beverage processing.

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