Natural Gas Compressor and Complete Gas Recovery Solutions

Natural Gas Compressor and  Complete Gas Recovery Solutions

Landfill and digester gas, both renewable energy sources, captured from biodegradable materials, can be compressed and used as fuel for electricity production.  Utilizing these sustainable biogases from landfills and wastewater treatment plants for energy creation can save fossil fuel, save money and reduce air and water pollution.

Emerson has provided complete gas recovery solutions for landfill, wastewater treatment plants and digester sites for years.  Applications include low BTU gas to energy projects and high BTU pipeline projects.  Vilter™ single screw compressors help customers achieve great success utilizing alternate green gas sources for energy instead of traditional fossil fuel gas sources.

 Landfill operator generates revenue  Process refrigeration systems
 Landfill operator generates revenue from recovered methane gas  Process Refrigeration Systems for NGL Recovery

Landfill & Digester Gas