The Intermodal Tracking Challenge and Solutions

The Intermodal Tracking Challenge and Solutions

Due to the scale of operations the hubs of container transport, i.e. the deep sea container ships and their ports of call, i.e. the main container terminals are often the main point of interest when talking efficiency and quality of operations.

Very often the transition between these major container hubs whether containers are transported by railway or trucks are however the cause for quality issues. The challenges during these transitions includes change of responsibility, independent routines, accessibility of containers etc.

To meet the requirements for quality and efficiency, Emerson offers a range of products which also covers this equally important link in the container cooling chain.

Our solutions

We are offering a number of solutions depending on your requirement.

If you are exlusively looking for a solution to track and monitor your generator sets, then take a look at the ComPosIT product page.

If you are a container owner and want to track and monitor each of the reefer containers , please take a look at our RMM+ solution.

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