Modular Refrigerant Leak Detector

Modular Refrigerant Leak Detector

As government regulations become increasingly demanding and refrigerants continue to become more expensive, investing in an effective refrigerant leak detection system is critically important — both from a code compliance and a financial perspective. Emerson's Modular Refrigerant Leak Detection Sensor (MRLDS) continuously monitors your facility for low levels of the refrigerants most commonly used in commercial refrigeration systems.

Using groundbreaking new photoacoustic infrared technology, this diffusion-based sensor detects concentrations as low as 25 ppm and allows you to meet or exceed all specifications of ASHRAE Standard 15. With the ability to interface to the E2 Facility Management System via 0-5V signal or networked communication bus, a world of monitoring, maintenance, and dispatch capabilities are enabled. These capabilities safeguard refrigeration systems by notifying you of leaks and potential issues as they occur, enabling immediate response before a small problem becomes critical.

MRLDS uses diffusion-based photoacoustic infrared technology — a first for Emerson Climate Technologies. This means the sensor is sensitive enough to measure refrigerant concentrations from normally circulating air. To accurately determine a gas concentration, an air sample enters into a special chamber. Once inside, the air is exposed to an infrared source which has been specifically calibrated to the frequency of the desired refrigerant. Finally, a highly advanced microphone listens to the noise generated in response to the infrared source, and an accurate refrigerant concentration level is produced. As a result, there are no pumps to wear out, no pneumatic tubing to get pinched, clogged or cut, and no filters to replace. Also, with state-of-the-art software on board, regular calibrations are a thing of the past!

Key Benefits

  • Diffusion technology means no pumps to break , no pneumatic tubing to install, and no filters to change. No pumps means water can no longer be induced into the system
  • Photoacoustic infrared technology practically eliminates false alarms
  • Leak detection as low as 20 ppm enables you to cost effectively meet ASHRAE and local code requirements
  • Uses the same signal as many metal oxide sensors for easy retrofits
  • Networkable capabilities minimize first cost
  • Low temperature model available, enabling use down to -20°F (-30°C)
  • UL and CE recognized
Modular Refrigerant Leak Detector