Overview - Refrigeration System Design

Creating Your Intelligent Store

Emerson’s Intelligent Store™ architecture is composed of integrated services and hardware that deliver actionable information, which helps retailers make better decisions.
With Intelligent Store, Emerson offers the industry’s most innovative approach to providing retailers a single view into their entire network of facilities. For the first time, retailers are able to understand what their facilities truly cost to operate and maintain. And with our help, they are able to make decisions about where and when to invest resources to ensure they have the greatest impact possible.
At the heart of the Intelligent Store architecture are Emerson’s world-class products and services. From facility management systems to smart components, the Intelligent Store architecture utilizes these devices as enablers to deliver better information and better overall performance from retailers’ HVAC, refrigeration and lighting systems. But the Intelligent Store architecture is far from a cookie-cutter solution. Emerson understands that every operator and every facility is different. That’s why the Intelligent Store architecture is infinitely customizable, with each solution tailored to meet a retailer’s specific needs. Whether they’re building a brand new store or converting a new acquisition, the Intelligent Store architecture will lower their operational costs and boost their profitability dramatically.

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