May 2012
Wireless Proves Ideal for Multi-Stage and Dual Fuel Applications
Emerson Blue™ Wireless Easy Install™ is winning contractors over everywhere, but especially so on multi-stage and heat pump dual fuel system upgrades. Competitive wireless systems require a temperature to be set at the outdoor remote sensor for dual fuel heat pumps. For some applications, the optimal temperature setting for maximizing system efficiency is not readily known.
Wireless Thermostat System includes
Comfort Interface, Equipment Control and
Return-Air Sensor
Wireless Remote Sensor
for indoor or outdoor use
(sold separately)
To illustrate this point, during a recent product training meeting with a contractor in southeast Arizona, the conversation led to multi-stage and heat pump dual fuel for upgrade installations. Regarding competitive wireless products, the techs were asked, "At what temperature do you set the outdoor sensor to turn off the heat pump and turn on the gas furnace for dual fuel?" The answers ranged from 32° to 42°! Then, the installers were asked if they thought using Dual Fuel Logic, an algorithm in the Wireless Easy Install to turn the heat pump on and off, was better than setting a random temperature at the remote sensor. The installers all agreed that Dual Fuel Logic was the best solution for their application and eliminated the uncertainty surrounding an outdoor temperature setting.

Installers have two options for heat pump dual fuel control with Emerson Blue Wireless. Use an easy-to-install outdoor wireless sensor or the built-in Dual Fuel Logic program. The wireless outdoor sensor also offers the convenience of displaying the outdoor temperature on the Comfort Interface. Flexible Dual Fuel control — just one more way we stand out from the competition. And contractors are taking notice!

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Ranken Visits White-Rodgers
HVACR students from Ranken Technical College recently visited White-Rodgers and were treated to some class time and guided tours of product labs. The half-day session was led by Tim Burke, education and learning leader. Also attending from Ranken was Chris Brueggeman, department chair. Chris said, "We are looking at ways to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our visit to Emerson is part of that process to see the latest in Smart Home technology and the latest upgrades on thermostats."
Tech Tip
Wireless Remote Sensor
F145RF-1600 Wireless Remote Sensor does the work of two competitive remote sensors. The Emerson wireless sensor ships configured to be an indoor sensor. To make it an outdoor sensor only requires clipping a jumper wire. To sync the Wireless Sensor to the Equipment Control, just press the "Connect Button" on the Equipment Control and then on the Wireless Remote Sensor.
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