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June 2013

Now a Premium Thermostat for 2/1 Heat Pump Systems
Save those 3/2 or 4/2 heat pump thermostats for higher efficiency systems and save money too!

How many times have you installed a 3/2 or worse yet a 4/2 heat pump thermostat on a 2/1 system because it was all you could get? What if you could get a full-featured thermostat designed to control 2/1 heat pumps and single stage systems?

Now you can, and it's called Emerson™ Blue™ Touchscreen thermostat – model 1F97-1277.

The 1F97-1277 is designed specifically for 1/1 and 2/1 heat/cool systems. In fact, 1F97-1277 is unique to the industry and offers you the benefit of stocking one thermostat for single stage systems and allowing you to "sharpen your pencil" on quoting thermostats for 2/1 heat pump and heat pump dual fuel systems.

Your homeowner customer gets to enjoy premium features including extra-large, 12 square-inch, touchscreen display, programmable or non-programmable control, remote temperature sensing – indoor or outdoor and programmable fan – at a more affordable price.

Emerson Blue Touchscreen Thermostat models:

1F97-1277 – 1/1 and 2/1 system control – including dual fuel

1F95-1277 – Universal – systems up to 3 heat and 2 cool

1F95-1291 – Universal – systems up to 4 heat and 2 cool and full humidity control

You can also put your name and contact information on these thermostats.

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Blue Touchscreen Specification Sheet

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