September 2012
Experience Matters with
Gas Valves
Stocking, Cross-Referencing and Field Replacement now easier than ever.

White-Rodgers has manufactured and supplied gas valves to the HVAC industry since the 1940s. Today, White-Rodgers is the manufacturer picked most often by OEM's to supply gas valves for their equipment. You can rely on this experience when selecting an aftermarket replacement gas valve.

When it's time to replace a gas valve, White-Rodgers makes it easy for you to select a replacement and provides everything needed for a quick change out. We even give you a choice of stocking popular dedicated models for straight replacements; or stocking the minimum SKU's necessary on your shelf or truck with universal replacement models. Either way, it's a quality replacement.
For faster and easier gas valve service replacement,
we have upgraded our packaging and support to include:
  • New bright packaging that clearly shows model number, applications, specifications and a popular model cross reference on top of the package.
  • 36H, 36C and 36J Series valves supported by Product Sell/Specification Sheets (Click for PDF).
  • Easier to stock packages, one box size for all valves, with easy-open lid.
  • QR code printed on every box for complete and current online gas valve cross reference, accessible by smart phone – anytime and anywhere.
  • Packaged for North American sales with trilingual installation information.
  • New Product Information/Cross Reference booklet to keep at the product shelf or counter – request R-4360.
Now there's more convenient order quantities with new master 6-pack replacing the previous master pack of 10.

For a suggested gas valve stocking list or suggested truck stock, contact your White-Rodgers sales representative.

Replace with Confidence — Replace with White-Rodgers!
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New Product Info / Cross Reference Guide
Valuable gas valve product information at your finger-tips.

  • Selection Guide

  • Range of Operation

  • Nomenclature

  • System Applications

  • Valve Features & Specifications

  • Valve Accessories

  • Cross Reference for
    White-Rodgers and competitive gas valves
Ask your sales rep for a copy today. Perfect for your product shelf and service counter.
Tech Tip
Gas Valve Pipe Size Decoded

For all White-Rodgers gas valves, if the model number after the dash is:

-1xx is a 1⁄2" by 3⁄8 " pipe size
-2xx is a 1⁄2" by 1⁄2" pipe size
-3xx is a 1⁄2" by 3⁄4" pipe size
-4xx is a 3⁄4" by 3⁄4" pipe size

Universal models include a pipe reducer bushing kit.