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November 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Mother Nature Reminds Us Who Is in Charge
Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: AHRI Provides Tips for Flood Damaged Heating, Cooling Equipment
AHRI recently sent out a reminder and warning on HVAC equipment that may have been in contact with water or displaced from its original location. Also, keep in mind areas that may have hidden problems or develop problems down the road such as ductwork. If ductwork insulation was wet, it should always be replaced to prevent collapse and airflow blockage and to eliminate the growth of bacteria.

Homeowners are not qualified to check the operation of equipment, controls, electronics and wiring. When water recedes, damage is not always apparent, and safety of an HVAC system may be compromised. Another concern is loss of gas and/or electric service to the home and getting systems inspected before utilities are able to re-establish service.

Every home and business in affected areas will have different issues and concerns. These are the major systems that AHRI says should be inspected by a qualified contractor every time equipment may have been in contact with water:

Gas and Oil Furnaces and Boilers
valves, controls and blower
Electric Furnaces
electrically heated coils, fan, controls and safety relays
Propane Heating
all valves and controls that have been in contact with floodwater must be replaced
Radiant Floor Heat
electrically heated cables or tubing circulating a fluid are embedded underneath or within the flooring material
Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Systems
power and control wiring between the indoor and outdoor parts of the system, and piping through which refrigerant flows through the system
central forced-air system with duct insulation is impossible to decontaminate
Water Heating Systems
gas, oil or electric water heaters should be replaced if exposed to floodwater
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