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May 2013

Thermostats Don't Have to be a Hard Sell
Easy Set™ and Easy Reader™ Thermostat models are proven to satisfy a wide range of needs.

Homeowners have more tools than ever before to research products they use in their home. And still, the product they rely on for comfort, convenience and energy savings, the thermostat – is one of the least understood and most frustrating to many.

That was before White-Rodgers introduced 2 new thermostat models that have changed perceptions of homeowners and HVAC professionals.

The Emerson™ Easy Set and Easy Reader thermostats offer both young and old ease of use and the control they want. Set the tem-peratures you want while you are home, asleep and away just like you would program a radio station in your car with the Easy Set for single stage and heat pump applications. For a thermostat that is super easy to read and offers the most simple one-button to one-function control and works on any HVAC system, then you have to take a look at the Easy Reader.

Easy Set Specification Sheet and Easy Reader Specification Sheet

It's Easy to impress your customers with professional brochures that promote your busi-ness. With our Custom Literature site, you can add your name and logo to professional marketing materials supporting both Easy Set and Easy Reader thermostats.

Or, take it to the next level and add your name and phone number right on the product with our Private Label Program.

Prove it to yourself and offer the choice of Easy Set and Easy Reader thermostats on your next sales call.

SureSwitch™ Relay Now Rated for 40Amp Applications

Since we first introduced SureSwitch relay almost a year ago, it has really caught on with contractors. The unique SureSwitch relay replaces mechanical contactors in most 24Vac / 1 or 1 1.5 pole AC or heat pump applications – now up to 40Amps.

SureSwitch brings important system protection benefits by combining short-cycle timer function and brownout protection with microprocessor control that ensures extra long life and confidence. SureSwitch relay Specification Sheet

 Tech Tip

SureSwitch Relay Testing Procedure

To test SureSwitch readiness without load, connect L1 and L2 on the module to line volt-age. The status LED will slowly flash green to show that the SureSwitch is powered on and ready.

To verify relay operation with load, press the TEST button for one second to energize the load for a five second test. Or for a longer test, apply 24VAC between Y and C terminals. When the LED turns solid green, the relay will close and the load will be energized. If the green LED flashes at a faster rate, the SureSwitch is in the short-cycle delay. Press TEST to cancel all delays.

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