The People Behind Vilter’s Electrical Control Platform

The People Behind Vilter’s Electrical Control Platform

​Vilter’s electrical engineering team was reorganized in 2008, *shortly before Emerson’s acquisition of the company, to allow expansion and to strengthen its position in the refrigeration industry.  Today, the electrical engineering team is not only a group of professionals who work together, but also work in harmony with shop floor managers,   vendors and customers.
At the helm of the Vission 20/20 control platform, product manager and software engineer, Chad Glassier, assumed top responsibility for the Vission 20/20 panel, which was concurrently only a year and half into development. The Vission 20/20 control platform now has earned the reputation for being a very stable platform and it is expected to grow into full potential. It has been used on several retrofit compressors that include twin screws.  At this stage, Glassier’s team is working on a Class 1 Div 2 Group C, D NON purged panel, and a variable VI twin screw application.

Handling the Vilter starter Solution is product manager, Dennis Doody.  He is responsible for ensuring that the starters adhere to the safety codes and technology-driven standards of NFPA 70 and NFPA 70E. To date, 12 Distribution Center retrofits and several new installations have been completed.

On Vilter’s new product, product manager, Bacu spearheads the VRU (Vapor Recovery Unit), comprised of two models, the dual unit and the quad unit.    The VRU uses as much Emerson content that is available to date. Under Bacu’s stewardship, the controls are made repeatable -- the dual and quad units use the same Power sections and controls. For the quad units, the dual controller are fitted with a “Kit” that adds the required control capability, and for the Power section, for which two Power Sections are required, those are simply labeled accordingly.

For making great strides on “Smart” drawing sets since July 2013, senior project engineer, Sean Santarius, instituted the use of the Auto Desk (Auto Cad Electrical 2013) software.  He also assists the P & ID team to create “smart” P&ID drawings.  The 2015 Auto Desk Auto Cad Electrical software will be implemented in the very near future.  

On the programmable logic controllers front led by Dan Marek, the Version 4 Program for the Allen Bradley platform has been rolled out. This Version 4 program, as it is called, is scalable, has reciprocating-run ability, and twin screw compressors, as well. The PLC team is also working on the first Siemens program based on the Allen Bradley Version 4 program. 

Clearly, the goal of the Electrical Engineering Group is to continue to improve our control platforms.  The use of new hardware and software products as they come into the market invariably keeps our efficiencies up-to-date and cascades across our team’s full competencies for new challenges.