Vilter Overcomes Challenge In Manufacturing Area

Vilter Overcomes Challenges In Manufacturing Area

​Another challenge for the manufacturing area is finding welding resources for the future.  According to an April 9, 2013, article on JSOnline by Rick Barrett, “For years, companies have lamented a lack of welders, especially for work that requires a high level of skill and knowledge.  In some cases, they’ve said, the shortage has created production bottlenecks at their manufacturing plants.”  Vilter was among this group of manufacturers.

​Currently, a significant number of master fitter welders at Vilter could retire within the next 3-5 years, and nearly half of them are eligible to retire already.  To aid in the progression of welding succession plan, Vilter has adapted new welding procedures. It has hired a new full-time welding engineer for the manufacturing plant. Within the last 12 months five new Master Fitter Welders were hired, making Vilter’s welding area ready for future growth.