Cold Storage Warehouse QBR

Cold storage warehouse improves efficiency with ammonia/pumped CO2 system
The 1,000 ton Vilter™ ammonia system with pumped liquid CO2 brine as a secondary refrigerant cools a 240,000 square foot product and dairy cold storage warehouse. The dual slide single screw compressor valve avoids $100,000 of variable frequency drives.
Electrical Safety QBR
​Large retailer improves electrical safety in the workplace
A global retailer is able to implement a zero tolerance policy for working on energized circuits above 120V. This essentially eliminates the risk of an arc flash event.

Fish Processing Plant QBR

Fish processing plant streamlines production with upgraded refrigeration system
The Vilter ammonia refrigeration system is 450 tons of refrigeration with integrated control algorithms.  Dual slide single screw design allows the compressor to start unloaded, and VFDs allow compressors to start using less than 60% of full-load amps

Bottling Company QBR

Bottling company improves operations with industrial refrigeration system
The Vilter industrial low-charge ammonia refrigeration system is 315 tons of refrigeration and cools 373 gallons per minute of propylene glycol.  $160,000 annual energy savings and tighter process control increased line speed throughput by 42%.

Kraft Foods QBR

Kraft Foods relies on industrial heat pump for sustainable operations
This ammonia heat pump system delivers hot water at 145°F using heat extracted from refrigeration with Vilter single screw compressors. Energy costs have been cut by over $250,000 each year and 14 million gallons of water are saved.

Poultry Producer QBR

Poultry processor cuts costs with efficient waste heat recovery
With the new system, heat taken from their 14°F refrigeration load is lifted to 126°F in one stage for heating. The ammonia heat pump solution has reduced heat energy cost by 72% and saves fifteen million gallons of water per year.

World Class Ice QBR

World-class ice rink chooses Vilter single screw compressors
Three Vilter VSS-1201 Ammonia single screw compressor units were installed to provide the refrigeration capacity. Each unit is rated at 268 tons when operating at -4.3° F suction temperature. Each compressor is powered by a 450 HP high efficiency motor with 96.2% nominal efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Company QBR

Pharmaceutical company eliminates HFCs with low-charge ammonia approach
Emerson built a refrigeration package that uses a low refrigerant charge that improves safety and reduces certification costs. The whole system was factory built and ready to operate when delivered to the site.

Nestle Cutting Costs QBR

Nestlé cutting costs with efficient waste heat recovery
With the new system, heat can be taken from the 32°F process glycol and lifted to 140°F in one stage for heating. Since commissioning in May 2010, Nestlé Halifax is heating around 14,000 gallons of water each day to 140°F.

North Sea QBR

Emerson heat pump technology heats a city using frigid north sea water with zero global warming impact
By using ammonia, Emerson’s compressor technology solution offered Star Refrigeration and its project partners in Norway – Norsk Kulde and Drammen Fjernevarme – a refrigerant that has a good environmental profile, delivers higher temperatures and provides superior performance benefits from its consumed resources than competing technologies.