Food Service

Food Service


​Convention center food service reduces energy use and earns utility rebate
The San Diego Convention Center is a 2.6 million square foot facility that spans eight city blocks, employs 550 and has hosted over 5,500 events since its opening in 1989. As one of San Diego’s strongest economic engines, the SDCC was one of the first convention centers to adopt the EPA's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy, well ahead of most other convention centers in the U.S.


High school qualifies for energy rebates
Educational facilities in the U.S. and Canada spend about $16 billion on energy each year. Schools spend more on energy than any other expense except personnel. However, energy is one of the few expenses a school can reduce without sacrificing educational quality. Read on how Sidney High School qualifies for energy rebates.


Unique refrigeration system leverages Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor
Green Sage Café is a certified green restaurant serving nourishing food to the community through sustainable practices. They want to create a pleasant space for people to work and eat. They also wanted to avoid downtime with redundancy, and to install the most energy efficient refrigeration equipment. Reducing energy costs while preserving the perishable product integrity is always a priority. Refrigeration Design Technologies (RDT) in Waxahachie, Texas came up with a unique solution to this challenge.

Winger's Sports Bar reduces energy cost

Winger’s Sports Bar reduces energy costs
Winger's Sports Bar and Grill is the number one sports bar in a city in Midwest Ohio for over 21 years. With their focus on operational issues, their main concerns are reducing energy consumption, limiting downtime due to equipment failure, attracting more customers, and satisfying customers with a unique experience. With the Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Condensing Unit, the energy efficiency of the entire system was improved beyond initial expectation.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken reduces energy costs
After researching different walk-in refrigeration equipment options, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken made a plan to compare legacy equipment to newer technology in real-world field test locations. The operators worked closely with Emerson and Astro, their equipment supplier, to identify opportunities for improvements in energy efficiency, maintenance and product protection.

Contractors gain accuracy, save time with Electronic Unit Controller
Emerson Electronic Unit Controllers (EUC) for condensing units can be set in less than one minute and will maintain low-pressure control more accurately than traditional mechanical controls over the life of the system.

Convenience store improves energy efficiency with Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Condensing Unit
During 2009, Emerson engaged with the local refrigeration service contractor to deploy a Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Condensing unit. This new unit was specifically engineered to deliver high efficiency, diagnostic protection, and flexibility.

Ice machine manufacturer exceeds energy efficiency requirements
Design Services Network, a third-party test lab for the ENERGY STAR program, was able to test and optimize an ice machine in just a few weeks. The lab first ran baseline performance tests to ARI 810 and ASHRAE 29 standards, including cycle times, ice capacity, power consumption, and ice quality monitoring.

Contractor reduces setup time with Electronic Unit Controller
Contractors enjoy multi-refrigerant approval in a single condensing unit, and utilize the built-in diagnostics to quickly troubleshooting any field issues.


Manhattan restaurant upgrades to compact, quiet walk-in solution
Restaurant owner facing location issues and large capital investment saves more than $50,000 while meeting critical operating requirements for his refrigeration systems.

Restaurant upgrades to high efficiency walk-in refrigeration solution
Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant, a full-service restaurant operating over 80 locations, lowers energy bills and earns a utility rebate covering up to 50% of project costs.