Emerson Releases Copeland Scroll® Gas Compressor Performance Program

Emerson Releases Copeland Scroll® Gas Compressor Performance Program

New Performance Program Helps Oil and Gas Customers Properly Size and Apply This Innovative Gas Compressor Solution

AUSTIN, TEXAS, September 22, 2008 – Emerson Process Management today announced that it has released version 2.02 of the Copeland Scroll gas-compression-module performance program. This program will project the performance of all production-released Copeland Scroll modules, including the new higher-flow and higher-discharge-pressure modules, providing users an accurate forecast of performance characteristics and requirements before they purchase and install.

The program is Excel® software based, to allow for easier downloading and updates, as well as application data saving. Operating maps for all modules have also been added. With this performance program, users can input specific gravity and compressibility (Z) factors, if known or enter individual constituents using the gas-property calculation page. If required flow is entered on the user-input page, the output page will also calculate how many modules are required to meet that demand.

“With this new program, we are giving our customers an accurate and useful tool for projecting the performance of our Copeland Scroll products,” said Mark McCormick, director of Emerson’s Specialty Scroll division. “We want our customers to see firsthand the wide operating range of Copeland® brand products.”

Responding to end-user demand for higher discharge-pressure capability and increased gas-flow rates, Emerson recently developed and released new Copeland Scroll compressors to meet expanding market needs. Copeland Scroll gas compressors are helping upstream producers maximize the economic recovery of proven oil and gas reserves, with significantly less maintenance and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The success of Copeland Scroll compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and natural-gas applications makes them an ideal choice for upstream producers seeking a low-maintenance, flexible and reliable package. For more information on the Copeland Scroll Oil & Gas Compression Performance Program, Copeland Scroll gas-compression technology or a list of value-added resellers, please visit EmersonProcess.com/CopelandScroll.

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