Emerson Introduces Hybrid Home Area Network Device to Optimize Utilities' Return on Investment

Emerson Introduces Hybrid Home Area Network Device to Optimize Utilities' Return on Investment

The Smart Energy Thermostat combines industry-leading temperature control with robust in-home display capabilities in a single product.

ST. LOUIS (January 23, 2013) – Emerson (NYSE: EMR) wants to put the power of control back in your customers’ hands - and on their wall – with its new Smart Energy Thermostat. By combining two products into one, the Smart Energy Thermostat is a breakthrough in home energy management technology.  At its core, it is an easy-to-use programmable thermostat with industry-leading temperature control accuracy, but with one touch of the “Energy” key it converts into one of the most robust in-home displays on the market.  This hybrid design delivers increased value for homeowners while reducing hardware costs for utilities. 

The Smart Energy Thermostat allows homeowners to track their daily energy usage against a monthly budget and view scheduled direct load control events, scheduled rates, current cost-per-hour for sub-metering estimates, month-to-date usage by rate, and patent-pending HVAC cost estimates.

“Emerson’s research indicated a void in the programmable communicating thermostat category where utilities were forced to choose between low-cost, de-featured products or high-priced, over-designed ones,” said Geoff Godwin, vice president at Emerson.  “The Smart Energy Thermostat is designed for the sweet spot in middle with optimal data presentment capabilities, but priced for mass market adoption.  Likewise, the user interface was designed to be consistent with today’s most popular smartphones to ensure a positive user experience.”

Emerson’s strategy in the nascent home area network market is to remain software agnostic by designing hardware that can be used with any AMI system or DRMS solution.  In addition to being certified by the ZigBee Alliance, the Smart Energy Thermostat has already passed interoperability testing with most major AMI vendors and numerous hosted software partners.  “The Smart Energy Thermostat is for utilities that want an affordable, easy-to-use product with broad appeal and features consistent with customer expectations,” said Godwin.

For more information visit: www.emersonclimate.com/utility.

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