Emerson Climate Technologies White Paper Outlines How Condition Based Maintenance Can Optimize Asset Maintenance and Performance in Supermarket Refrigeration Systems

Emerson Climate Technologies White Paper Outlines How Condition Based Maintenance Can Optimize Asset Maintenance and Performance in Supermarket Refrigeration Systems

Best practices offer retailers value in maintenance and energy savings, refrigerant leak detection and food quality compliance

St. Louis, October 22, 2013 – Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions, Inc., a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), today released a white paper that provides supermarket industry executives with a sustainable maintenance solution with visibility into the condition of refrigeration systems, utilizing run-time data analysis to optimize asset maintenance and equipment performance. Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) can achieve real value in reduction of energy and maintenance costs, with additional value in compliance for both refrigerant leak detection and food quality.

Supermarket management teams are navigating an increasingly complex operating environment that must address changing retail formats and customer preferences along with an increased focus on energy efficiency and environmental protection issues. Relying on decades-old maintenance practices is inefficient and cuts into thin profit margins. Studies show that a two percent reduction in maintenance and energy costs can equal a 1.3 percent increase in profits.

CBM is based on experience that only 20 percent of failures are a function of age or normal wear and tear, while the other 80 percent have myriad causes, including a control- or system-related irregularity such as a wrong configuration setpoint, containment dirt in the system, or an improperly calibrated sensor. Regular preventive maintenance (PM) or time and materials contract call-outs for unrelated issues may never detect an early deteriorating condition until a failure ultimately occurs. The costs are higher energy usage, after-hours service rates, and unacceptable levels of product shrinkage.

“CBM eliminates unnecessary maintenance on components that might not need it, and focuses on actual or developing problems by monitoring key indicators,” said James Mitchell, product manager at Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions. “Using CBM, retailers can expect to see typical equipment maintenance savings of 18-40 percent, compared to PM or run-to-failure strategies.”

In addition to optimizing maintenance operations and equipment management, CBM gives retailers the ability to reduce energy waste caused by hidden system efficiency killers, such as fouled condensers, excessive compressor cycling and high return gas temperatures. Using CBM also provides a solution for refrigerant leak detection across an entire system, often finding slow leaks that are difficult to identify.

Typical interventions from CBM could include:

  • Determining the source of a refrigerant slow leak and repairing it
  • Replacing a faulty compressor motor contactor that is causing trips
  • Determining the source of compressor oil drips
  • Activating an imbalance trip after detecting inconsistent phase-phase voltage in the compressor, protecting against damage from overheating
  • Locking out the system after detecting low oil pressure, preventing compressor damage and avoiding system downtime
  • Providing a warning, while the system is running normally, of an early low oil pressure situation

Emerson’s CBM service leverages algorithms that compare equipment sensor data of expected behavior against actual equipment behavior to detect anomalies. Advisories are issued based on the equipment condition and forwarded to Emerson’s ProAct™ Service Center where technicians triage the advisories to determine if maintenance is needed. The CBM software supports Emerson’s E2 Facility Management System and Copeland™ compressors with CoreSense™ technology, allowing retailers to realize new maintenance and energy management value from their existing Emerson equipment.

For more information on Emerson’s Condition Based Maintenance service, visit this link. Read the full white paper on condition based maintenance at: www.emersonclimate.com/en-us/WhitePapers/2013RS-48-online.pdf


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