Emerson Climate Technologies Attends China Household Electrical Appliances Technology Conference

Emerson Climate Technologies Attends China Household Electrical Appliances Technology Conference

Offering a New Energy Efficiency Evaluation Method for VRF Air Conditioners

Shanghai, China, November 1, 2013 – Emerson Climate Technologies, the world’s leading provider of HVACR solutions, participated in the 2013 China Household Electrical Appliances Technology Conference which was organized by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association. This year’s conference theme was Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Innovation and Development. Emerson presented its study on the Evaluation Method of the Performance of VRF Air Conditioning and shared its latest research along with achievements on the evaluation method of energy efficiency for VRF air conditioning. The purpose of the conference is to educate the Chinese home appliance industry on best known methods of achieving sustainable development and progress through technology innovation.

In recent years, China has experienced rapid development in VRF, therefore understanding how to evaluate the energy efficiency of a VRF system has become an even more important topic within the industry. Accurately measuring VRF energy efficiency levels helps air conditioning end users understand their actual energy usage, and also motivates the industry to optimize the energy efficiency of VRF system designs.

Through monitoring Chinese users' habits, Emerson Climate Technologies collected actual operation data for VRF air conditioning systems and analyzed overall energy consumption and start-stop behavior of indoor units in typical VRF system applications. Emerson Climate Technologies established a new evaluation method of VRF system performance based on the ratio of seasonal cooling capacity and seasonal power consumption for a typical four indoor unit VRF system. This evaluation method can be used for the future performance appraisal of VRF products.

Mr. Liu Qiang, Engineering Manager - Commercial Air Conditioning of Emerson Climate Technologies Asia Pacific said, at present, the typical evaluation method for VRF performance is to treat all indoor units as constant at all scenario, which does not take into account the essential differences between VRF and unitary air-conditioners. Doing this results in a higher efficiency value, but does not reflect actual power consumption and does not serve as a reliable reference for VRF users. By adding factors on indoor units on-off, the results will more accurately reflect the actual energy consumption level of VRF air conditioning.

Favored by many VRF system manufacturers, the Copeland Scroll™ variable speed compressor from Emerson Climate Technologies is the latest product optimized for actual VRF usage. It has many unique advantages, such as high efficiency, low noise, wider application range and Enhance Vapor Injection (EVI) technology. It solves three technical problems at once that previously challenged the air conditioning industry: poor heating capacity in low temperature ambient, loud high-frequency noise and low energy efficiency. The Copeland Scroll 5HP variable speed compressor, according to Emerson's internal testing, the weighed coefficient of performance of the compressor is at approximately five percent higher than that of the competitors’ products, with the integrated part load value (IPLV) testing method. As well, the testing at low ambient operating condition of -15, with EVI technology and faster speed, the heating capacity increased by fifty percent, which greatly benefits heat pump air conditioning users in northern China.

"Effective evaluation methods can not only help users understand precisely the energy saving opportunities of different VRF systems, but also encourages the air conditioning manufacturers to develop more energy saving and environmentally responsible air conditioning systems", said Giovanni Zullo, Vice President of Marketing and Planning at Emerson Climate Technologies Asia Pacific. "The new Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor with vapor injection enables systems to be optimized for maximum energy efficiency and effective heating at low ambient temperatures, offering unmatched indoor comfort and energy savings. We are confident that the performance of this product will be greatly valued by OEMs and end users across Asia”.

For more information, please visit: www.EmersonClimate.com.cn (Official Chinese websiteand www.weibo.com/EmersonClimate (Official Sina microblog).

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