Copeland™ CRK8


Copeland CRKQ Hermetic Air Conditioning Compressor 

​Cope​land™ CRK8

Emer​son Climate Technologies continues to lead the way in reciprocating technology with the introduction of its new Copeland CRK8  reciprocating compressor platform. This new R22 compressor is intended for use in high-efficiency residential air-conditioning and heat pump sy​stems. The CRK8 compressor is based on the proven reliability and quiet operation of the reciprocating compressor technology used in previous CRK6 and CRK7 generation.  These new high efficiency compressors are specially designed keeping in mind the high ambient temperature requirements of the Middle East region.


Superior Efficiency

▪  High efficiency tropical motor to suit Middle-E​ast high                 ambient conditions (50-60 °C)
▪  Compliance to new Saudi Stand​ards, M​etrology and Quality    Organization (SASO) and Emirates Authority for
   Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), for household air          conditioning efficiency standards​
▪  Optimized gas management system for best efficiency

Proven Emerson Reliability
▪  Rugged reciprocating technolog​y
▪  High liquid handling capability
▪  Internal pressure relief valve
▪  Optimally designed at system operating condition to deliver      maximum system performance and efficiency

Additional Features
▪  Redesigned shell for more quiet operation
▪  UL or CB certified
▪  Three to four feet mounting

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